Houston, we got you covered

by Jahrel Pickens

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a collection of covers written by contemporary Houston, Texas songwriters(many who are friends)


released October 12, 2019

1)"Money4Gold" written by Daniel Serrato 2)"Evermore' written by Jimmy Pizzitola 3) 'Bullets&Butterflies' written by Brandon Russo 4)Dark night, big city' written by Raj Pickens (drums - Marcus Roberts, Bass - Brent Powell, recording engineer - Rodney Chilnut). 5.Layers&Shadows' written by Cameron Elise 6. Happy sky blue' written by Hannah Underwood 7)Slow moving train' written by Matt Harlan(drums & recording engineer - Jimmy Pizzitola) 8)This long love' written by Justin Stewart(Lap steel & recording engineer - Brian Birdwell) 9)Never going back to Houston' written by James Derkits 10)June 20th, Clearlake, Tx' written by Charles Bryant(Recorded live@1810Ojeman, sound engineer - Alex Erhardt).


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Jahrel Pickens Houston, Texas

Organist & pianist in Houston, Texas. I grew up with mom playing piano, dad writing poetry & singing, brother playing guitar(writing songs) & my sister silently winning

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Track Name: Money4Gold
Just give me money for gold, give me something I can hold, the weight on my hands, not my soul, I'm so out of control, I'm crying over you, the things you said we'd do, crying over you.
One person gives more than the other, the hand writing is on the wall, saying this will end badly, got me hating myself, wanting you to love me more, a self fulfilling prophecy.
We're at the center of the universe, falling in on ourselves, weighing the scales between what I want & what I need
Track Name: Evermore
Baby, hold me baby, gets so lonely, when you’re gone. Baby, been thinking lately, maybe, I was wrong. Sometimes, it happens sometimes, there will be a next time, for sure. Maybe, love will save me, love me baby, evermore
Track Name: Bullets & Butterflies
I’m wrong, you’re right. why can’t we just stop the fighting baby? There’s always someone to blame. When nights we share aren’t what they once were and I fall to fell anything for her, even though I still care. Would you change that look on your face before we walk into this place? Don’t let them know we’ve been fighting
Track Name: Dark night, big city
It was a dark night in a big city, she was a big girl, she was so pretty. Before I could figure out what she was saying I had to keep walking on my way. before I could get a little bit bolder, I felt a chill on my shoulder. It was the artificial shadows from the artificial light saying hey brother it's going to be alright. It's alright, you want to hold her hand but let me tell you brother you got to take your chance. It's alright you want to run away. I'll probably catch you on the very next day.
Track Name: Layers & Shadows
when she comes around the wild animals all bow down, the wolves howl. when she appears, time stops for a moment, the earth shifts gears. after you've been screaming in the night, Cecillia Townes sometimes you've got to fight to see the layers and the shadows to a life.
Track Name: Happy sky blue
Last week I repainted the house that we live in a happy sky blue. That was one week ago, I don’t live there anymore. I hope you enjoy the color I chose for you. I hope you are enjoying the color I chose for you, I didn’t know what your coming home would bring. I chose a happy sky blue, I hope it helps you make it through. I suppose you don’t owe me a thing.
Track Name: Slow moving train
at night when I find myself to wound up to calm myself I sit and I listen, wait for the whistle of a slow moving train. When the light of the day has gone dark and inspiration is a dying spark, I wander alone where the poets have gone to seek their own way. And I can see the miles and miles of track, headed northbound and coming back. Old conductors and rusted cars, old hobos that have long since passed. I can't hitch a ride myself, when alone I find myself with ears trained to listen, I wait for the whistle of a slow moving train. I wish I could just stroll away, leave the wreck far behind me, but I can't hardly roll away with all that's buried inside me.
Track Name: This Long love
he had just died there was still dust on his wings, he just went through life like the moon was in reach. Well, I'm waiting on the sun and I'm waiting on the moon. I'm waiting to see what you going to do. You take what you're given. I'm feeling good this evening. I was low before I started believing this is a long love. There's horses in the moon they're spitting out seed. They're spitting at you and they're spitting at me. Did you chase all those lies you wanted to see? Does a good love ever come back into reach?
Track Name: never going back to Houston
never going back to Houston, I finally found a home, I had to get away from all the concrete, now in nature I roam. Never going back to Houston, there's nothing there for me, except some good friends & this one place you got to see. Never going back to Houston, tell them I said "hi." I really miss that long bayou & the storm cloud laden sky. I'm never going back to Houston. Except next week I'll be there. There's this girl I gotta see, but then I'll be back here. Never going back to Houston. I brought Houston along. It's a part of who I am now. As you found out in this song.
Track Name: June 20th Clearlake, Tx
It was a hot summers day just like all the rest, in the land of the free and the home of the blessed. on a day when all that's holy would be put to the test. It was June 20th in Clearlake, Tx. She was a brown eyed beauty, bound for success. The valedictorian, top of her class. Some say it was depression, some say she was possessed. It was June 20th in Clearlake, Tx. First came the police then came the press then came our tears our rage and regret. As our hearts filled with anguish a young mother confessed. It was June 20th in Clearlake Tx. 5 little angels still soaking wet. Taken from this world and brought to the next. few ever met them but none will forget. It was June 20th in Clearlake TX